While David has no previous experience in politics, he stands firm on the conservative principles we so desperately need represented in Washington. His years in the medical field, as the owner of a large company, as a gun owner, and a family man have provided him with the insight into the world and its politics that only come from firsthand experience.


Currently, our national economy is moving dynamically in a positive direction thanks to a combination of factors primarily stimulated by our President's policies and common sense understanding of economic forces.

David shares the common sense and conservative values of the people in the 5th district. As an ardent advocate of limited government, David recognizes the need to return the economy to the way it was before the damage done by the Obama administration. He wants to empower entrepreneurialism, individualism, and successful private ownership of businesses everywhere by eliminating regulations that make doing business prohibitively expensive.

Thanks to his formal education in Economics, Finance, and Business Administration, David will constantly monitor proposed legislation for advantages or potential disadvantages that could affect the great citizens of District 5.


An issue especially close to David's heart and professional wheelhouse is the repealing, defunding, and replacement of Obamacare. He says that seeing firsthand the devastation created in both the Healthcare and Finance/Insurance industries has been unnerving. Businesses everywhere have suffered huge losses thanks to the disastrous legislation forced upon the nation by the previous administration, suffocating economic growth. By working toward reversing the damage and removing the state boundary barriers to competition by insurers, the market will promote premium price and benefit coverage realignments in favor of American consumers. David Williams knows there can be a bright economic future with great health coverage for Americans.

When it comes to Social Security and Medicare, David recognizes how important these programs are for the stability of the retirement age population of this nation. Many people rely on these benefits as their sole income and health coverage, so protecting the integrity of these programs is one of his major focuses – involving continued enforcement and better detection of fraudulent and deceptive beneficiaries and providers.

National Defense

David is proud to have served this great nation in both an enlisted and commissioned officer capacity, and truly understands the importance of a strong military. Having modern equipment in a ready state of action with properly trained and adequate numbers of service members is crucial to the mission of each branch. For too long, the previous administration has neglected our military as a high priority resulting in deficiencies in many areas. Fortunately, the current President places the highest focus on righting the situation and deserves the help of more common sense legislators with shared objectives in his Congress. As your Representative, David will continue to support the appropriate strengthening of our National Defense.


David is a pro-life conservative through and through. While he recognizes and respects the laws of the land set by the decision of Roe v. Wade, he refuses to support or believe in abortion. Through successful legislation under Article III, Section 2, we could remove this issue from federal control and restore individual states with the authority to decide what is appropriate for its citizens. In his mind, ZERO tax dollars should be spent to allow for elective abortions of any kind. As a means of convenience for birth control measures, abortion is abominable. Every life deserves options other than abortion, and as your Representative in Congress, David will fight to ensure better options have the strongest possible representation.


As an American personally involved in agriculture as the operator of a commercial hay farm, David intimately understands the challenges agricultural producers face and promises to be a strong force in the efforts to support them. He knows exactly how agricultural producers of all types can be affected by increases in regulations and market volatilities. Because of the many economic variables that can affect agricultural producers, David intends to spend time in Congress constantly looking out for the best interests of both District 5 and this great nation.


David sees that having a strong education system is one of the best ways to ensure a new generation of successful Americans. That's why he sees the critical necessity of transitioning primary control of the educational curriculum back to the individual states. The people of the Great State of Texas should have the final say on what is truly the most appropriate design for its youth, adolescents, and teenagers.

As a participating member of the TRS system with the University of Texas, David sees the incredible need to revise or eliminate the Windfall Elimination Provision, which has profoundly affected government employees in the United States since its introduction in 1983. This provision harms teachers, firefighters, police, and any other government employee that paid into a separate pension fund (specifically the TRS for educators) as well as Social Security because they're rendered ineligible for Social Security benefits at retirement age.

David vows to address this unfair disadvantage by either introducing legislation to repeal it or revising the process in a fair manner. Furthermore, David is committed to ensuring teachers have the resources they need to help our children become the thinkers, leaders, and innovators of tomorrow.

Second Amendment

David considers this one of the most important topics facing our great nation. He maintains memberships in the National Rifle Association (NRA), the Texas State Rifle Association (TSRA), and the Texas Concealed Handgun Association (TCHA) because he believes these organizations directly represent people like him. As responsible citizens of the United States, we have the constitutionally protected right to possess and appropriate means of self-protection and the ability to pursue recreational activities like hunting or sport shooting. Our states have enough "gun laws" on the books – the object now should simply be better enforcement of existing laws.


For too long, previous administrations have let out of control public spending get out of hand. Now is the time to realize the importance of cost containment to protect the solvency of our future. As a previous business owner with an annual operational budget of around $25 million, he understands prioritizing expenditures. We are each expected to operate within reasonable budgets and are held financially responsible for overspending. That’s why our society must also hold our leaders accountable for spending the funds provided by taxpayers.

When it comes to social welfare programs, David believes this country has allowed an almost epidemic dependency on benefits to develop in an entire generation of entitled Americans. He openly declares that he is a Republican who realizes that there exist several assistance programs that are truly necessary for individuals who actually meet the specific criteria established to receive benefits. Those programs should continue, but with greater enforcement and detection of fraudulent recipients that continue to intentionally avoid transitioning to a more independent status in our society.

Air Safety

Air Traffic Control (ATC) is the backbone of safety for nearly a billion annual air passengers in the United States of America. As a pilot, David understands the importance of appropriate regulations that involve protecting the safety of the industry. Modernization of systems nationwide is crucial to assuring the safety of everyone involved in such a large and congested system.


For any citizen of the world, David wants to be the first Republican to welcome you to apply for immigration to this great homeland we call the USA. He only has a few simple requirements:

David believes that every individual immigration request should be evaluated on the same criteria and awarded on a merit-based system.

Border Security

David understands that the citizens of District 5 and the rest of the country want a secure border at all corners. Knowing the identity and suitability of any world citizen desiring entry into our society is not an unreasonable requirement. The departments responsible for protecting the border and controlling unregulated crossing should receive the highest priority to removing barriers that hinder their efficient operations. Implementing physical or electronic barriers combined with increased manpower is crucial to meeting operational expectations. As your Representative in Congress, this would be an immediate focus of David's attention.

Veterans Administration

The Veterans Administration (VA) health system continues to lack in operational efficiencies. The brave men and women of our country who volunteered to serve this great nation deserve the same level of timely and quality care that is available in communities to non-veterans. Extended delays for appointments and procedures to improve the quality of life for our veterans are unacceptable. A focus on identifying operational deficiencies and implementing effective improvement strategies is paramount. David has decades of healthcare experience and formal graduate education in healthcare administration. Now is the time to elect officials who have specific understanding of areas that need immediate improvement. As a veteran myself, I know my fellow American servicemen and servicewomen deserve nothing less. 

Law Enforcement

Like every American, David wants our communities to be safe places for individuals and families like his. Law enforcement is one of the most crucial methods of providing the front line defense against criminal harm to our citizens. One way for the federal level to assist state, county and local agencies is to reinstate a more accountable variation of the former 1033 Program which redistributes surplus military equipment and supplies to various law enforcement agencies at little to no cost. This equipment has already been purchased with federal tax dollars from previous budgets and can now be better served by continued utilization at local levels to combat crimes. 

Our President initiated the country’s law enforcement improvement strategy towards reducing violent crimes by executive orders issued early in his term. We now need federal level laws to support these same views that strengthen law enforcement’s ability to combat organized drug cartels, gang related activities, illegal immigration and border control. We have to give the proper authority back to the police to conduct appropriate operations to meet the objectives that will increase the safety of our citizens.

Fire & EMS

Having spent most of my public service career in rural areas working in conjunction with Police, Fire and EMS, one of my goals in Congress will be to make the grant process more streamlined. This will make it easier to process requests. The end goal is to get the citizens the best available equipment resources to go along with the dedicated volunteers that have proven their loyalties to serve the communities. 

I will fully support legislation that encourages more matching style grants. This translates to a dollar amount that will be equal to funds raised in other annual methods up to a maximum amount to be determined.

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